Addie-Tude Dance Company
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The "Addie-Tude" Dance Company was formed by Addie Diaz in January 1999. The current dancers each have their own distinct backgrounds ranging from Mambo, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Jazz, Tap Ballet and Hip Hop. Although Addie Diaz is the choreographer of the team, the group is recently contributing to new choreography giving each member the opportunity to add their own flare to the dance routines. As a team the company has performed in Switzerland, Dominican Republic, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, London, Paris and Japan as well as corporate events and benefits throughout New York City. On separate occassions the dancers have had the honor of performing for artists such as: Marc Anthony, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, El Gran Combo, Oscar DeLeon, Jerry Rivera, India, Jose Alberto, Tito Nieves, Domingo Quinones to mention a few.

Upper Left: Posing with Edie at the 2nd Annual Toronto Salsaweb Convention.
Upper Right: Final Pose of Nutcracker/Toy Story Routine "Muneca"

The Addie-Tude Team Roster:

  • Addie Diaz  (Company Director, Choreographer, Instructor & Dancer)
  • Chris Alvarez (Dancer & Instrctor)
  • Devin Flores (Dancer)
  • Jazmin Garcia (Dancer & Instructor)
  • Joey Ramos (Dancer)
  • Megan Brunke (Choreographer, Instructor & Dancer)
  • Michael Garcia (Team Captain, Choreographer, Instructor & Dancer)

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Please see our performance rates as follows:

- 1 Couple (2 people) - 2 Dance Numbers (10 min Show): $300
- 1 Couple (2 people) - 3 Dance Numbers (15 min Show): $350

- 2 Couples (4 people) - 2 Dance Numbers (10 min Show): $400
- 2 Couples (4 people) - 3 Dance Numbers (15 min Show): $500

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