Addie Diaz' Resume
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Addie Diaz (Director, Choreographer & Dancer):
Addie Diaz, with a background in Mambo Cha-Cha, Merengue, Hip-Hop and Jazz was trained to be a professional Latin dancer by the late Evelyn Leon. She began performing with "Dancers Fantasy Stars" and was fortunate enough to be trained by some of the best dancers in New York City. She gives Evelyn along with Mario Diaz (no relation), Angel "Negro" Rodriguez and Nelly Cotto credit for their influence in her dancing skills. She then went on to dance in Stacey Lopez’s "New York Salsa Dancers". In 94' she was called to be one of the "RMM Dancers" (Ralph Mercado Management) for the "1994" & "1995" Combinacion Perfecta Tour. She has also freelanced for the "Mario Diaz Dance Revue" and with Luis Zegarra’s "Fuerza Latina". Addie joined "Descarga Latina Dance Company" in 1996 where she assisted Nelson Flores, Director in running the team and along with the other members participated in new choreography.

Addie has had the opportunity to choreograph dance numbers for other teams as well as travel all over the U.S. and throughout the world to perform and teach dance workshops. She has moved on to form her own dance company in early 1999 and is the choreographer of the company’s routines. She is acknowledged for her creative and diversified dance choreography. Several of her numbers have been featured in the Off-Broadway Mambo Musical: Latin Madness.


-       “Handsome Harry” (2008) - Dance Choreographer: Salsa Dance club Scene w/ Principal
     Actors: Jamey Sheridan & Karen Young

-       La Peloqueria (2005) - Theater Show, Role: “Singing Receptionist” and Dancer
-       “Saving Face” ( Forensic Films) (2003) - Dance Technical Advisor: Salsa Dance Scene
     between Principal Actors: Michelle Krusiec & David Shih,

-       Latin Madness (Off-Broadway Musical-Traveling Theater)-(’02 & ’03): Featured
     Dancer & Background Extra: California, UK, Switzerland
-       Latin Madness (I thru III  New York Runs) - Off Broadway Musical (2001- 2003):
Singer, Featured Dancer & Background Extra

-       “The Education of Max Bixford (2002) - 20th Century Fox Film Corp: Dance Consultant
     for Club Restaurant Scene.  Lead Actor: Richard Dreyfuss

-       Carlito’s Way: Film/Background Dancer (1993): Kaufman Astoria Studios - NY

 LIVE CONCERTS (Salsa Dancer):
-       Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz (June 2009): Hostos Ctr. For Arts & Culture (NY) –
     Dance Co.Director and Featured Dancer

-       Latin Madness Off-Broadway Musical, NY (2003): w/ Tito Puente Orch: Hostos Center
Arts & Culture (NY) -  Featured Dancer, Singer & Background Extra
-       El Gran Combo (1998): Meadowlands Arena (NJ) – Featured Dancer
-       Domingo Quinonez & Tony Vega Concert (1997): Flushing Meadows Park (NY), Dancer
-       Jerry Rivera Concerts (1993-1995):
           - Concierto Del Amor - MSG (NY)
           - Premios Lo Nuestro - Miami (FL)
           - (2) Jerry Rivera Concerts & Live TV “Show De Gisella” - Lima (Peru)
-       La India (1995): Lehman Center For The Performing Arts – Dance Group Coordinator
     and Featured Dancer

-       Combinacion Perfecta Album Tour (1993-1995): RMM Dancer (Ralph Mercado
     Management), Featured Dancer For Album Artists including: Tito Puente, Celia Cruz,
     Oscar De Leon, Marc Anthony, Tony Vega, Tito Nieves, Ray Sepulveda, etc:
- Hollywood Bowl (CA)                - Colliseo Roberto Clemente (PR)
           - Madison Square Garden (NY)    - Cali (Columbia)
- Barranquilla (Columbia)              - Bogota (Columbia)
           - Medellin (Columbia) 

UNION: SAG Eligible

- Voice Type – Mezzo Soprano
- Currently In the works of New Salsa Album
   - Salsa & Latin Ballad (Bolero)

Mambo/Salsa, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Hip Hop, Jazz


- THE ADDIE-TUDE DANCE COMPANY: Director, Dancer & Choreographer

U.S. Shows:
- Catskills (NY)                                - Waikiki (Hawaii)
- Stamford (CT)                               - Throughout NY State
- San Francisco (CA)                       - Los Angeles (CA)
- Baltimore (MD)                             - San Juan & Isla Verde (PR)
- Meadowlands Arena (NJ)              - Atlanta (GA)
- Jerry Rivera Concerts: Miami (FL) & MSG (NY)
- Budweiser’s “Virazon” (Promotional Jingle): NY, NJ & PA

International Shows:
- Munich (Germany)                        - Hiroshima & Nagoya (Japan)
- Paris (France)                               - London (England)
- Milan & Torino (Italy)                   - Zurich (Switzerland)
- Santo Domingo (DR)                    - Jerry Rivera Concerts: Lima (Peru)
- Toronto (Canada)

- DESCARGA LATINA DANCE CO: Dancer & Choreographer


- RMM DANCERS (Ralph Mercado Management): Concert Performer (Dancer)

- Combinacion Perfecta US Tour:
- Hollywood Bowl (CA)                    - Colliseo Roberto Clemente (PR)
- Madison Square Garden (NY)
- Combinacion Perfecta Columbia Tour:
   - Barranquilla                                    - Cali
   - Medellin                                           - Bogota

SABADO GIGANTE - (Latin Variety Show):
- Univision Studios - Miami (FL)

- Ellis Island - Liberty Island (NJ)  - Taj Mahal                 - Atlantic City (NJ)
- Sands Hotel & Casino                - Atlantic City (NJ)      - United Nations, (NY)

- Tri State Area (NY)                   - Los Angeles (CA)     - Atlanta (GA)
- Baltimore (MD)                         - San Francisco (CA)  - Miami (FL)
- Waikiki (Hawaii)                        - New Jersey

- Munich (Germany)                     - Hiroshima (Japan)      - Toronto (Canada)
- London (England)                      - Paris (France)            - Milan,  Rome (Italy)
- Zurich (Switzerland)                   - Santo Domingo (DR)

- Side Street Kids Academy         - Addie-Tude” Dance Co.
- Con Sason Dance Co.               - L.E.S. Dancers 
- Mambo Mamies                        - Descarga Latina Dance Co.

- On “2” With “Addie-Tude”: Video Author
- Congresso Mundial De Salsa  - Puerto Rico ’97 (Mambo Dancer)
- India - “Ese Hombre” (Mambo Dancer)
- Combinacion Perfecta ’95 (Mambo Dancer)

- Dancer Teacher Magazine          - Salsa New York On Line Magazine  
- Hispanic Magazine                     - MTV Networks “Pages” Magazine
- SalsaWeb Magazine                   - The Sound Factory (La Factoria Del Sonido)   

- Vocalist  (Mezzo Soprano          - Fluent Bilingual: English / Spanish
- Dancer & Choreographer    




Addie's teaching style





As Raggedy-Ann during the Muneca" number in Latin Madness III

Upper Left: Dancing with Vittico Pacheco during Palladium Scene of Latin Madness III
Upper Right: Choreographer and one of the Shinning Knights Zoot Suit Girls in Latin Madness III

Stills taken from Addie's 2nd Demo Music Video "No Me Queda Mas"

Stills taken from Addie's debut Singing Showcase






































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