Letter from
Mike Lee,

Editor of Ohara Publications
Ohara Publications Inc.
1813 Victory Place, P.O. Box 7728, Burbank, California 91510-7728

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to acknowledge the credentials and special talents of Mr. Manuel Siverio. Manny is
author of Ohara’s High Intensity Weight Training for the Martial Artist, a book of which we are
very proud.

It is also a book which reflects Manny’s talents. It is thoroughly and exhaustively researched. It
is impressively very well written--the very complex interactions of muscle groups under stress
are most clearly explained and made easy to understand. His execution of martial art techniques
is flawless, and properly belongs to the eclectic style most famously put forth by the late Bruce Lee.

In the fields of physical education and research, martial arts in both practical and philosophical applications, in the verbal communication of ideas both technical and subtle, I consider Manny
at the top.

In working with him, I’ve also found Manny to be extremely patient, energetic beyond belief, imaginative, tolerant, and hard working. I recommend him highly. He is a man who puts a lot
of his heart into everything he does.

Mike Lee, Editor




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